NEW WATERS following agreement with Stone Private members can now fish Wilds Farm and Top Pool until the end of November 2019​​

Following the AGM  members present voted to increase membership by £5 so that full membership is now £55, concessions £40, 14-17 £20 with under 14's free although they do need to register. 
Guest tickets just to remind everyone that the Club does not have day tickets, however members are allowed 2 guest tickets per annum at £6 per guest these are obtained from the Treasurer.

There are still a number of committee vacancies which are open to all members.

There was an excellent presentation evening  held at the George & Dragon on Saturday November 17th with a good mix of members present great to see juniors and families in attendance. 

Any members who have not renewed will be deemed to have expired and their places will be offered to new members. We are currently taking on new members however demand is high.
The excellent fishing to be had on club waters has been highlighted by  match results a 99lb catch on Jono's Pool, 28lb & 49lb catches on the Trent Mersey canal at Whitebridge and 30lb plus on the Trent at Great Haywood,

There is an agreement in principle for the Club and SDAS to have a 5 year extended lease of the R. Trent in StoneCar parking R.Trent on Hoo mill lane agreement has been made with Creda Angling Club for our members to use their car park, go under the railway bridge, over the canal bridge & immediately facing you is a field with Creda AA notice park responsibly avoid in very wet weather.

The Club has now had the Willows fishery for over 20 years so just to say many thanks to Tim Evans and family for their support and help in developing the fishery over the time. 

 After a few years without one it is good to see fishing bait and tackle on sale once again in Stone, run by Alan Povey it is situated within the Car Care shop just off Crown St, next to the Market Square help support your local business.

Membership and Reports​​

Membership for Bibby's Angling Club runs from October 31st to November 1st, fees are as follows £55 adult, £40 concession, £25 intermediate 14-17 , children under 14 free accompanied by an adult. New members are now welcome to join this November. 

With winter now well set in all waters being challenging with clear cold water affecting all waters. Smaller baits, low diameter line and little feeding being necessary to catch the few fish feeding. Of the pools Jono's pool offers more protection from the elements and is thus slightly warmer fish at the moment are tending to be shoaled up around pegs 9,10,12. The middle pool is fishing very patchy although good bags are to be had from pegs 32-34. Again light lines or small feeders being the order of the day with maggot or bread punch being the most productive baits.
The canal at Stone though continues to provide decent sport predator anglers having pike to 19-12-0 and perch to 3lb.  Roach, skimmers and hybrids are showing well at Whitebridge with big perch and good bream being caught in the town stretches.
With regards to the rivers the Trent at Haywood being difficult with fish tightly shoaled the road bridge being consistent together with the aqueduct swim. Although the odd grayling to 1lb plus can be caught anywhere. The best bet for winter river fishing on the Trent is in Stone the canoe slalom always provides some good fishing if you catch the conditions right.
The blythe can always be relied upon for some chub, brown trout and occasional grayling at this time of year although the shoals of dace and roach seem to have disappeared. The road bridge pegs 19,17,12 13 and if you fancy a walk pegs 3 and 5 should give some sport.

Jan 20th Doug Brown RD2 at Jono's despite cold clear conditions making bites hard to come by all who turned up managed to catch Steve Jackson leading the way with a mixed bag from peg 9 beating off John Bates from the next peg. Another peg to peg battle resulted in a tie between Norman hughes and Rich Pedlar.
1. Steve Jackson      6-12-0
2. John Bates            5-2-0
3. Norman Hughes  3-11-0
3. Rich Pedlar           3-11-0

The winter pairs match on jan 13th turned out to be a grueller for many competitors with a couple of pairs blanking however John Tonkinson and Paul Dawson managed to find a few carp for a creditable total of 25lb plus. Individual results as follows:
1. John Tonkinson  16-10-0
2. Paul Dawson         9-12-0
3. Dave Mason           7-4-0

Dec 16th Winter Shield Jono's Pool. The heavy freezing day on the Saturday made the match on Sunday Dec 16th a grueller for everyone except Kim Jones who drew the in form peg 10 to put together a 20lb plus net on carp and F1's weights then fell away to Rich Pedlar who managed a mixed bag for 4-8-0. Dave Mason however lost a very good carp estimated in the high teens which he tempted on a pinkie and size 20 hook.
1.Kim Jones         23-8-0
2. Rich Pedlar        4-8-0
3. Ian Strangroom 2-5-0

Dec 2nd the 1st round of the Blythe Challenge provided good all round sport for all participants Norman Hughes had a great double figure net of mainly roach to 8 oz from peg 19 but was pipped by kim Jones mainly thanks to a 4lb bonus fish in his mixed bag. Simon Unitt having 4 chub for another double figure bag from 17. There were roach,dace,chub,perch, gudgeon and odd trout and grayling caught throughout the stretch.
1. Kim Jones               13-0-0
2.Norman Hughes    12-12-0
3. Simon Unitt            10-10-0

The fur and feather fished on jono's and the Blythe on Armistice Sunday provided contrasting results Jono's fished very well with the inform John Bates taking top spot with another 40lb plus bag, Norman Hughes had 2 carp for 23lb in his bag most had good double figure weights. On the Blythe everyone struggled on a very low and clear river apart from Kim jones who found 5 chub for 12lb.
Jono's                                                                                                    Blythe
1. John Bates              44-12-0                                                            1. kim Jones    12-8-0
2. Norman Hughes    33-8-0                                                              2. Dave Mason  4-8-0
3. John tonkinson       15-6-0                                                              3.Keith Unitt      4-0-0

There was some very good nets of fish caught on the middle pool for the Doug Brown Rd 1 on November 4th John Bates put together an excellent 42lb of mainly carp to 4lb from peg 30, John Tonkinson shaded second place with Rich Pedlar a close third. All competitors recorded double figure weights.
1. John Bates          42-04-0
2. john Tonkinson  28-14-0
​3. Rich Pedlar          28-02-0

There was a decent turn out for the Tom Brough trophy held on the R.Blythe Oct 21st  although bright sunshine and  low, clear conditions meant the fishing was harder than expected. However everyone caught with reasonable weights being recorded. Kim Jones once again led the way using light stick float tactics from unfancied peg 13 to put  together an excellent mixed bag (chub, grayling, perch, dace, roach, gudgeon)of just under 17lb.  Next weights were bunched up resulting in a tie for second place between Jon Bates(peg5) and Dave Mason (bridge) again both having mixed bags. Dave Mason though suffered by snapping his rod, finishing early and then finding 2 fish in his net after weighing in! Decent back up weights followed these two.
1. kim Jones     16-13-0
2. Dave Mason  6-2-0
3. Jon Bates        6-2-0

The cold snap on Saturday night made for a hard match for D.Unitt trophyheld on the Trent Mersey Canal October 7th the battle for first place was a close run affair with Norman Hughes edging out end peg Dave both had decent 6lb plus nets that included roach to 1-6-0 and perch to 2lb after that weights fell away with Ian Strangroom managing the only other 2lb plus bag.
1. Norman Hughes  6-6-0
2. Dave Mason          6-1-0
3. Ian Strangroom    2-1-0

Trent Shield September 30th the Trent fished a bit peggy for this match but those on fish caught well John Bates and Norman Hughes both  had very good mixed bags John led the way from the favoured bottom peg whilst Norman caught well from the road bridge.  Kim Jones followed in third  with a catch of mainly grayling.
1. John Bates            23-0-0
2. Norman Hughes  13-4-0
3. Kim Jones                7-14-0

Associates Cup held at Old Hough on Sunday August19th found the venue in a dour mood John Tonkinson winning after a number of times being placed catching F1's and carp steadily for 40lb plus, Ian Strangroom caught well in the last hour to finish second with Dave Mason third. Thereafter there were a string of 20lb plus catches providing consistent results throughout.
1. John Tonkinson   42-4-0
2. Ian strangroom    32-8-0
3. Dave Mason       30-4-0

Graham Goodwin pairs match on the canal @ Whitebridge fished in unusally wet conditions provided some great fishing for all competitors with good weights being recorded throughout the match. Norman Hughes had 5 bream for 17lb to win as an individual but Paul Dawson and Jon Bates recorded an excellent 30lb plus closely follwed by John Tonkinson and Norman Hughes.
1. Jon Bates / Paul Dawson            31-1-0
2. Norm Hughes/ John Tonkinson  28-12-0
3. Kim Jones Rich Pedlar                  21-14-0

The Jobling Challenge at Old Hough saw a good turnout fishing in hot clear conditions although not producing the weights of previous years decent sport was enjoyed by everyone Jon Bates topped the weights with just under 40lb of small carp beating his nemesis Rich Pedlar into second place. Paul Dawson was the best of a string of 20lb plus weights.
1. Jon Bates          38-12-0
2. Rich Pedlar       32-4-0
3. Paul Dawson    29-12-0 

F antastic fishing on the Trent at Great Haywood June 17th  there were 4 weights over 15lb with fish showing all along Kim Jones had 14 grayling in his catch of over 30lb 2 chub for 7-8-0 and a great mixed bag of 25lb. Fishing above the weir for the first time John Bates initially struggled but then put a very good 22lb on the scales, john Tonkinson had a mainly chub net from peg 1 for 17-12-0. This from a river early in the season low and clear!!!
1. kim Jones          32-8-0
2. John Bates         22-0-0
3. John Tonkinson 17-12-0

Sun Feb 3rd     Blythe Shield R.Blythe draw @ road bridge 8.15am
Sun Feb 17th   Middle Pool draw @ 8.00 am
Sun Mar 3rd    Blythe   draw @ 8.15am road bridge
Sun Mar 10th  Jono's Pool draw @ 8.00am
Sun Mar 24th  Middle Pool draw @ 8.00am
Sun April 7th   Canal @ Whitebridge draw @ 7.00am
Sun april 14     Jono's Pool @ 8.00am
Sun April 21    Middle Pool @ 8.00am

For general enquiries please contact Kim Jones on [email protected]  or mob 07982162816